Apart from having a sturdy workbench, your workshop mostly needs the usage of a cabinet for more functionality, and better storage ideas for important tools and materials. This article provides you with useful cabinet ideas for your workshop that you can use in your place:

Workshop Cabinet with Bookcase Appearance

A bookcase appearance for a workshop cabinet is a great idea that you can use. This design allows for easier storage of documents, plans, and tools for the workshop. This is easy to build with its simple appearance, and it can function effectively.

Adjustable Shelf

This simple, yet practical enhancement is another great idea for storage that you may apply to your workshop cabinet. You may put one or two drawers underneath it for your paper and plan storage. As for the removable shelves, they can be manually transferred to the preferred height, but only depends on a spot with holes where you can insert the pegs to support the shelf on top of them.

Extra Shelves

Attaching extra shelves can be functional for other things like books or smaller tools. Tiny objects mostly cause more mess when they pile up on bigger storage meant for bigger objects. Because of this, adding an extra shelf for smaller things can help you avoid disorganization in your storage.

Cabinet Framing

Most of all frames of the cabinet can remain plain. Cabinet sides are typically divided using tenons both on the top and bottom. The edges of the tenon should be sanded smooth. Using a drill, pegs measuring around ½ inch can be attached to the thick plank. You may hang wrenches, claw hammers, scissors, and other tools on those pegs.

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