Creating desks for the home office may cost you less compared to buying a desk from a furniture shop. This will allow you to craft a customized desk to fit the available space from your home office. Here is a tutorial to help you create an affordable and comfortable desk that will meet your need in your home office:

Desk Pieces Preparation

  • First cut a half-inch plywood to the desired size that perfectly fits the top of your desk. Additional plywood cutting may be included if you want to conceal the legs in front of your desk.
  • Sand the edges of the plywood.
  • Cut four pieces of 1-inch x 4 inches lumber for legs

Leg Attachment

  • Drill holes on the plywood’s spot where each leg will be installed
  • Use screws and wood glue for leg attachment
  • Conceal the holes using wood putty

Upper Frame Woodworking

  • Cut four pieces of 1 inch by 2 inches wood for the framing
  • Connect each piece to form a box
  • Attach using glue and screws
  • Cover using wood putty

Coating Finish

  • Apply stain on the wood (2 coats)
  • Apply polyurethane seal finish (2 coats)
  • Let dry overnight
  • Mild sanding for an uneven finish

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