Building a corner desk is not an easy do-it-yourself job. However, following this tutorial can help you build it without any difficulty.

Measuring and Planning

The first thing you need to do is to plan out and identify the measurements of your desired workspace. Get the measurements of the corner where you will put the desk. Plan out your office by drawing it on a piece of paper. Include the furniture for accuracy.

Desk Frame Building

  • Cut 2 pieces of 1 inch by 4 inches of wood to the desired table length (front and back)
  • Cut additional 2 side pieces
  • Attach with wood screws

Corner Braces Attachment

  • For additional support, cut 4 pieces of smaller wood with their ends cut to 45 degrees angle
  • Attach to frame corners with wood screws and glue

Leg Attachment to Frame

  • Cut four pieces of 1 inch by 4 inches wood with 31 inches height for legs
  • Sand legs
  • Attach to the frame’s top with 2 inches wood screws

Cutting out Top

  • Trace the top’s outline to large plywood with a marker
  • Saw the outlined desk’s top

Top Attachment to Frame

  • Attach the top to the framing using 2 inches wood screw by drilling
  • Cover screws using wood putty
  • Stain and coat to finish

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