A router for woodworking is another useful portable material you can use to shape a wood’s edge perfectly. Since this tool is built with a cylindrical and sharp blade that rotates swiftly, you need to prevent injuries from happening. Here are 4 safety advice that you should take note of when using a router for your woodworks.


You should take all the time that you need when using a router. Do not rush because it might damage your wood, and injure you at the same time. Since it has a long blade that rotates at high revolutions, careless use can cause grave injuries if you are impatient.

Speed of Cutting

Whatever bit size you use to shape the wood, do not attempt to remove all the wood in one go. Begin with the smaller size of the bit, and eventually, you will shape your wood.

Wood Clamping

Secure the clamping to avoid uneven results. Failing to do so can also cause injury to you, or damage the wood.

Sharp Blades

Ensure that the router’s blade is not chipped, but very sharp before you start using it. If you fail to check its sharpness, you will regret having bad results due to the damage you inflicted on the wood’s surface that you are cutting.

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