If you are still a beginner when it comes to woodworking, being prepared with supplies can help you save money and time for a project. Here are the woodworking supplies that you need for your workshop:

Safety Gears

When working with wood, you should wear safety gear to prevent injury. This includes earplugs, dust mask, and safety goggles.

Steel Tape Measure

You will need a tape measure for precise measurements. An awl helps in putting marking on the wood. Do not use a pen because the ink is not easy to remove.


This is used to hammer nails, and removing them. This is the most basic tool you need.

Hand Saw

When you need to manually saw wood, this is a useful tool to do that. Secure one in your workshop.


This is used for cutting shapes, tight curves, and angles. This is another important tool.

Band Saw

It can be used to rip huge pieces of wood, and make freehand and curves cuts.

Circular Saw

This can be used for long woodcuts. This is the best tool when cutting long pieces of wood.

Chisel and Mallet

Chisels are used to joint cutting in wood. Rubber mallets are best to avoid splinters in chisel handles.

Combination Square

This enables you to square up different angles and can be used as a ruler.

Plane and Rasp

This allows you to flatten rough surfaces. You’ll need this for wood finishing.

Power Drill

This tool easily drills holes or screw woods that you need to attach. This is a must-have tool.


This allows the wood to be kept wood glued together as you let them dry. Buy the shapes C, K, and F for wider use.

Bits and Router

This helps you cut different joint types or render a solid finish to your project. Buy it in a set for wider use.

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