Your workshop can be very much cluttered as you continue to do your work overtime. To help you out in organizing your tool storage for a cleaner workshop, read these tips:

Putting Labels on Old Containers

Using old plastic containers or discarded mason jars can be used to contain smaller materials like nails or screws. Just be sure to put labels using a permanent marker for easier identification.

Do-It-Yourself Pegboards

Using angled hooks on pegboards may be used to hang wrenches, wires, or even hold the claws of hammers.

Cable Organization

Wrap your cables using discarded cardboard toilet paper holders at home. One cable is to one toiler paper holder to properly organize your cables.

Holding Tools Using Magnets

You may buy a magnetic strip that can magnetize around 40 pounds per inch to hold your tools. This is effective as most tools are metal-made.

Charging Station

Secure a charging spot with a cabinet to put your power tools in one spot as you charge them.

Proper Storage for Lawn Tools

On a wall, you may install wood palettes with gaps just enough for the handle of rakes and shovels to fit within the spaces between each wood palette to secure their storage.

PVC Pipe

You may also use discarded PVC pipes as holders for thin materials such as paintbrushes, pencils, and screwdrivers. Screw them on a wall for more secure storage.

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