It must have occurred to you to wonder how someone could be more productive than his co-worker when they both have the same kind of job. The answer is, it all depends on the workspace design that they are under. For you to know how to be more productive through the design of workspace here are useful tips:

Keeping Everything Organized

Making sure your table is well organized can improve productivity. Assign designated spots on the table for your materials such as a ruler, pencils, pens, staplers, clips and other office tools you have. Throwing away unneeded objects can help organize your table.

Natural Lighting Application

Avoid using warm lights that cause your brain to relax, which leads to sleepiness. The better choice is to use natural lighting from the outside to keep you energized. Artificial lighting that mimics natural light can also help improve your productivity.

Avoiding Bright and Neutral Colors

Colors affect a human’s mood and feelings, and can also affect productivity in the office. Vibrant colors like orange, red and hot pinks should not be used because they emit fire and passion, which does not benefit collaboration. Neutral tones like white, gray, and beige should be avoided because they cause relaxation and sleepiness. The best ones are the blues, greens, and yellows because they activate one’s creativity and happiness. This leads to improved productivity.

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