When choosing the best wood for a desk in your home office, it should be strong enough to bear the weight from objects you will put on the surface, be it your laptop, desk lamp, or even a computer. Aside from that, its design should also be attractive and be responsive to the context of your home office. Here are the best woods that you can choose from for your home office desk:


This is one of the most common species of wood used when crafting sturdy furniture. It is strong and truly durable. It can also be finished with a different variation of appearance and colors. The solid oak, as sold in the market, can be expensive but it is long-lasting.


This has a dark appearance, which will give a dramatic accent to your home office. It is also strong, but it is expensive because of its rarity and limited stocks available.


This is a famous wood choice for office desks because it is affordable. This has a lighter appearance in color but can also last longer if the desk is maintained properly without abusive usage. Compared to oak and cherry, maple wood is softer and might wear out easily if not used with care.

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