Crafting with wood is not just an amusing hobby, but it can be an important skill to build furniture and creating do-it-yourself projects at home. However, you’ll need the right tools to be used. Here are the basic tools to secure to enhance your woodworking skills:

Safety Gears

These are the most important gears you need such as thick gloves, earplugs, and safety goggles to prevent injuries.

Steel Tape Measure

This helps you to be precise in your work through measurements. Use a retractable one with a hook at the end for better accuracy.

Claw Hammer

This is used to drive and remove nails. Choose the heavy one with a more durable handle.

Hand Saw

This is a useful material to cut wood manually. This helps you feel the wood as you cut it.

Circular Saw

This type of saw uses electricity to cut wood faster with smoother results.

Saw Horse

Used as support to perform nailing, sawing, or screwing. It can usually support 500 pounds of weight.


This is used to drive screws manually. Drills may be a trend but it’s better to be prepared when there’s a power outage.


You will need F, K, and C clamps to help you hold objects with applied pressure when creating furniture in your workshop.

Power Drill

Electrical powered drill, which helps you bear holes on the wood or metal.

Palm Sander

It uses a sheet of sandpaper to perform sanding in the tightest spots. You need this for your wood finish.


This is used to form the wood edges. You will need this to avoid sharp edges that can cause harm to humans.

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